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In their words…

“…people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

― Maya Angelou



I had the pleasure of spending three styling sessions with Kendra over the past two months. Two in-home closet audit/shopping experiences and then a shopping trip with her. Kendra is an amazing and gifted woman. She has great capacity to mix styles, textures and accessories to create awesome looks that I would never have imagined to work. She was especially talented with sizing issues and could work magic with scarves and wraps.She was very tuned into to who I am and what my fashion concerns are and was always very responsive to that. She has a wonderful personality and a very calm style which I truly appreciated. These traits make her the kind of stylist that any woman will feel comfortable working with and will follow her advice with great confidence.

Kendra is extremely knowledgeable about style and has a great fashion sense. I truly enjoyed working with her and would highly recommend her to all. ~ Suzanne L.


Thank you so much…you truly made me feel so much better/more confident about what to wear and just confident in general….*hugs*  ~ Kristen B.


I would like to start by saying that Kendra Porter is such a beautiful woman, and I wish her all the best and continuous blessings as her company grows.

Although it may be strange to say it is totally true, I wake up every morning and hear Kendra’s voice in my head when it comes to decisions on an outfit. Kendra said to me once ” just because it comes in your size does not mean it is meant for you” words, I shall never forget. Those simple yet life-changing words helped tremendously with how I began to dress. I became more aware of the “muffin top” and how it was not a good look, that wearing a girdle can be a magical experience, lastly no matter how lovely the outfit I have to feel confident on the inside. Being plus sized does not mean you can not be apart of this booming fashion industry or staying up to date with the trends, you just  to find what works best for your body another lesson from Miss Porter.  ~ Tarika V.


Standing in front of my closet, she always seems to find fabulous outfits that I swear I don’t have. Being a bit conservative, I love Kendra’s ability to create savvy, chic, sexy looks without putting all my stuff on display. She is the stylist every woman needs.  ~ Amber W.


For most of my life, I have avoided wearing make up and high heels because I felt that they would make me look “overdone.” Kendra helped me to find a balance and enhance my natural beauty. We spent time experimenting with various shades of make up focusing on color combination and application techniques. She shared a host of tips with me that helped me to maintain my natural look, but brought out my best facial features. Kendra also helped me to become more comfortable with wearing sexy high heel shoes. I was quite the novice and she actually took the time to teach me how to walk in heels with confidence and very little effort. I am grateful to Kendra for helping me to bring out my inner natural diva!  ~ Halima L.


As a bride, there is more than enough to stress you out, with Kendra in charge of styling me, I knew that was the one thing that I didn’t have to worry about!!!  She made a quick, but thorough assessment and then effortlessly made me the most beautiful  bride…in the world!  And, despite my sometimes string-headed thoughts, she was able to open my mind to other options…I did end up loving those doggone buttons!  I wish I could have her put me together everyday.  I cannot say “thank you” enough.  ~ Alex A.


What can I say? To have the most beautiful bride in the world, who happened to be stress free because her stylist was the bomb…a man couldn’t ask for more! Kendra was heaven sent – stylish, calm, collected and well versed – she made my wife my princess…a happy, cool one at that! Thanks, Ms. Porter!!!  ~ June A.


I sometimes have a hard time dressing for my body type because I’m short, thin, but athletic. Kendra definitely opened my eyes to what I should and should not be wearing for my body type. I have made some changes to my wardrobe and I have been getting a lot of compliments and I am feeling better about myself. Thanks Kendra!  ~ Ashley Z.


Ms. Kendra Porter recently volunteered her style advice and expertise to my students (Hotel Operations and Customer Service) during our Professional Development day. Kendra made an amazing impact on this “at risk” group of young adults, many of whom are deaf. She offered great advice on how to “dress for success” on a budget, and looked amazing herself! Her fabulous tips have been implemented by many of the students. Kendra’s generous commitment to improving job prospects for my students is a great reflection on her ability to effectively work with diverse clients.
~ Betsy E.