The other week I shared with you an incredible experience with some phenomenal women taking part in bodyheart, a campaign that celebrates women as art. This powerful campaign begins a conversation about what you love about your body instead of what you hate. What I hate, I chose to appreciate instead.  Un-retouched images capture the truth – how beauty really does come in all shapes, sizes, ages and colors.

Here is my truth, I’m not where I want to be but I’m not where I used to be and somewhere over the years I’ve landed in between and grown to love who I am unconditionally. There are too many women in the world who despise who they are; they pick and prod at their own bodies, losing themselves in some misguided perception of who they think they ought to be. Even in our imperfections we are perfect creatures crafted by God.

While Honor You is an image consulting agency rooted in fashion, it was created on the premise of teaching women self-love. Psalms 139:14 teaches we are all fearfully and wonderfully made by God. It is my intention to help women learn to love who they are, feel confident about who they are and be able to express themselves through fashion learning how to honor their size and their shape.

Even the parts that aren’t “perfect” I embrace, because its me and well…I love me.  So for all the full-figured women in the world   No, for ALL the women in the world that struggle with what they see in the mirror each day, I grin and bare it all.  Here’s to you!

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~ Honor Your Size. Honor Your Shape.  HONOR YOU ~

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