It is important to honor you – the whole you inside and out.  Sure, you can change how you look on the outside but its what is on the inside that truly matters.  Internal beauty always shines through – even in a pair of sweats 😉

[My Disclaimer:  As I finished writing I realized this sounded more like an advertisement but I assure you its not.  Gabby is the best just ask any of the women who’ve ever attended her lectures or groups sessions.  Google her and you’ll realize she is the real deal.  Ok, onto the “un-plug”….]

Check out started by my friend and one of the most phenomenal women I know Gabrielle Bernstein.  It is a network of thousands of women that support each other on a daily basis.  Gabby is an author, motivational speaker and incredible life coach.  Her teaching and the support of the women on Her Future is incredible.  There are Power Posses and open forums to support you in every way imaginable. I’m on there too and you can find me at  “Miss Porter”.

Honor Your Spirit.  HONOR YOU!